Free Online GPS Phone Locator – What You Need to Know?

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What you need to know about free online GPS locator? Global Position Systems (GPS) depend on satellite technology and certain algorithmic calculations to pinpoint your location as well as your destination in order to help you find your way based on an in-built map system within your device. In order to function sufficiently, your GPS must be able to receive clear signals from four GPS-dedicated satellites orbiting around the Earth. Today, GPS has helped over a million people all over the world find their way to work, locate amenities as well as recreational destinations.

Free Online GPS Phone Locator – GPS Locators

Free Online GPS Phone LocatorGPS navigators and locators are similar, in that they can tell you where you are. However, GPS locators cannot plan a route for you. GPS locators are useful for finding devices that emit GPS signals, like certain electronic devices. It can be used to monitor and find people and vehicles, and property that are either on the move or has been stolen.

Other uses for free online GPS phone locators include working and busy parents who want to keep track of their young kids and older teenagers. Police can also monitoring the activity, location and movement of convicted criminals on parole, and make sure that those people with restraining orders are keeping to the law. Disaster relief and emergency services can use GPS for location determination and timing purposes, and save people who are stranded, lost and/or heavily injured.

This is especially useful in the case where your car has been towed away! GPS locators help people by increasing their chances of finding their personal belongings in the incidence of theft. Should you require it, you can remotely or automatically activate GPS locator when your property moves or even gets touched. You can then use this to your advantage to find out what time and where your property was tampered with. Free online GPS phone locators can be accessed via any device with internet access.

Companies that provide free online GPS phone locator services are AccuTracking, and  These websites offer free software for many popular brands of cell phones (e.g. iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola, LG, Google Nexus etc.). Some of these sites require you to sign up with a free account that keeps your personal information safe with you.

Free Online GPS Phone Locator – How it All Works

It would also help if the phone that you are tracking has an in-built GPS receiver that has been activated. To properly track a phone, it needs to be switched on. It would help if it had called someone at least once, connected to the internet or had just sent a recent text message. These attributes indicate that at least one signal has been sent to a cell tower nearby. Using signals by multiple towers allows the tracker to locate where their phone was last used via triangulation.

You may have seen this being done on famous crime shows when the suspect makes a call and the law enforcement officers trace it to save the day. In this sense, not everything they show is all fictional, and you should note that it is not highly important that the person is making an active call with someone or yourself in order to trace the call.

 Free online GPS phone locator – Drawbacks

However, people should test the waters and try many different types of free online GPS phone locators before using it for anything serious, since a lot of free online GPS phone locators function by cell tower triangulation, which may or may not deliver accurate results. This is because this method has differing accuracies for different countries, ranging between 32 -164 ft. (10-50m). For more accurate results and a larger array of features, some companies offer just that for a monthly fee.

Please spare a thought for others and do not to abuse any of these services. There are various laws that differ in small amounts in different parts of the world that help to regulate and keep safe the sanctity of the use of GPS technology, and do not give a lot of leeway in the US. Severe penalties can be incurred, such as fines and restraining orders, and may amount to a jail term. While the use of such technology is important and vital in many areas, it must be understood that you, the user, must conduct yourself in a manner that reflects upon an understanding, acknowledgement and respect of others’ rights when using a free online GPS phone locator.

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