Free Online GPS Tracking – Learning What’s New

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One of the more real-world, modern and contentious uses of a GPS are free online GPS tracking. GPS trackers and GPS navigators are similar but different. Although they both use GPS upon a map system, trackers can only tell you where something is gone, not where something is going. Free online GPS tracking is can work in real-time, or just bring up a record of the past. In order to be located, the tracked item needs to have a RFID (radio-frequency identification) tag or a GPS tag. These tags send out the signal, which is received by the satellite and sent to your account.

These free online GPS tracking systems usually provide pretty up-to-date location data and usually the details of the last known location of the traced device is sent to you every 10-30 seconds.

Free online GPS tracking and Its uses

Free Online GPS TrackingFree online GPS tracking systems or services can be used by environmentalists to record and mark out important sites for sample retrieval and/or animal sightings. These can be recorded in the field, and later archived. This also applies to hikers, divers and runners who want to mark out their route in remote locations. Tourism has also been impacted by the developments made in technology. Today, famous landmarks have been geo-tagged, allowing users to download information into their handheld devices based on their respective locations.

Free online GPS tracking – How do I get on to this?

Should you want to make use of an online GPS tracking system, your phone or tracking device (e.g. laptop, tablet) should have access to an in-browser type map; a good data plan that allows you to access the internet if there is no Wi-Fi access a device with an fairly working processor (64GHz) and a quite a good amount of memory (10GB in total). Efficient GPS trackers send location data every 15 to 30 seconds via GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) to the free online GPS tracking server that you are connected to.

Companies that provide this free GPS online tracking systems include AccuTracking, Alibaba, GPS-trace, GPS Visualizer, IntelliTrac, Instamapper, Mapsphere, Spysat, which may also sell or sync up with specialised devices for this use. All you need to do is download their software, configure it, and you are ready to start! Just be careful though, some companies may only manufacture free online GPS tracking software for certain versions of certain operating systems. A lot of Macintosh and Linux users may find themselves shut out in this industry, though there are a few tracking systems that do support these operating systems: Live GPS tracking widgets, Open GPS tracking systems on Google Maps,, LoadMyTracks, MacENC and Open GTS.

Some of these free online GPS tracking systems can also be downloaded via free apps on smartphones like the iPhone, Android phones, Blackberry and the Nokia E-series and S-series. These free online GPS tracking services also work when you enable your GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) data transfer protocol. The software/applications/websites will trace anything with a tracker, so as long as you know the serial number of the tracker or the phone number (if it’s a telephone). Most free online GPS tracking services come with receiving services, and satellite and terrain maps either made by the company that provided you the free online GPS tracking company or one of the free public map companies (e.g. Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps, etc.) Use of a free GPS finder/locator along with a free GPS online tracking system would also be useful.

With an account, some of these sites allow you to save an assortment of data and history, which you can share with other people via Flikr, Facebook, Myspace, Picasa etc. However, you should never ever post your personal login username and secure pin accounts publicly. Most accounts allow you to erase your saved data any time you want as well. Make sure that when you download or get a free GPS tracking software, that they have a good track record and a good system that suits your requirements, and keep your information private. You should make sure that it is secure, and has been verified and deemed proficient by international standards. You should not just sign up willy-nilly with any free online GPS tracking service out there.

While most of these free online GPS tracking services are mostly spyware and virus safe, you should not abuse these services for illegal operations and unnecessary invasions into other people’s privacy. The laws concerning GPS use differ between countries around the world, and do not treat GPS tracking issues lightly. You must be responsible when using free online GPS tracking services.

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