GPS Locator for Laptops – Keeping Your Laptop Yours

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GPS locator for laptops are one of the most important uses of GPS on both a consumer and business level. In this day and age, laptop theft is a very real and upcoming problem. Many people put a lot of (confidential) personal and business information, as wells as their hard work and almost their entire life into their laptops. According to the FBI Security Institute, there is a risk that more than 1 in 10 laptops may be stolen within a person’s lifetime. Laptops are most at risk at airports, hotels and from within cars. It is even at risk when left unattended in public places after use (e.g. libraries, schools, conventions etc.)

Although laptops have ways of protecting your data through user-only access authentication and physical locks, many users would still prefer to have their entire laptop back. However, there are reports that claim that although tracing the laptop via its serial number is useful, only 1 out of 3 laptops are eventually found and return to its owners.

The costs of laptop theft go from the millions to the immeasurable. In 2005, the FBI reported that laptop theft amounted to more than $3.5 million.

GPS Locator for Laptops – GPS and GPS Navigation

GPS Locator for LaptopsThe GPS locator for laptops uses satellite navigation and computation of certain algorithms in order to pinpoint your location and destination and help you find your way there based on an in-built map system in your device and clear satellite reception for about four GPS satellites in space. More high-tech devices can also receive fairly accurate signals from places with a high amount of signal bounce (e.g. forests, underground, mountainous areas etc.).

GPS Locator for Laptops – GPS Locators

GPS locators are useful for finding devices that emit a GPS signal, like electronic devices. It can be used to watch over people and vehicles, and property that either is on the move or has been stolen. GPS locators help people by increasing their chances of their stuff being found in the incidence of theft. Should it need be, you can remotely or automatically activate GPS locators when your property moves or even gets touched. You can then use this to your advantage to find out what time and where your property was tampered with, or even disable your unit. The signal gets sent whenever the computer connects to the internet, or sometimes as easily as when the moment the laptop is switches on (when it is not in flight mode). The co-ordinates are then sent to the local authorities who will respond to the signal, retrieve the laptop and apprehend the thief.

Advantages of GPS Locator for Laptops

Some GPS locator for laptops include GadgetTrak, Locate Laptop Lassen, and mylaptopGPS. You can sometimes even buy the conventional trackers used for other things. Much of the location data is kept private to protect consumer privacy. Some of these websites which require accounts allow you to perform a multitude of useful features like marking landmarks and special locations, calculate mileage, sending messages to the devices, and replaying the movement history of the GPS device. These devices may map out the routes using their own private software, or public map freeware that you can access easily like Google Maps, MapQuest, GPS Data Team, MapPoint, MapTech, and Yahoo!Maps.

Most of these GPS locators for laptops involve permanently attaching a bulky tag to your computer. Signals are registered to your account, and a signal will be sent to both your company and your account if your laptop gets tampered or moved when you are away from it. Some companies can even trace your laptop and prove that it is yours even when the serial number has been scratched off/removed.

Some of these online GPS companies that you register with may also provide you with multi-tiered encryption software that locks down or wipes your sensitive/personal data completely when you report to company that your laptop is stolen. Some of the higher level encryption software can even activate a decryption kill from afar, preventing thieves who even manage to find out your decryption key from getting any further.

Not a user yet? There are some high-level security companies affiliated to law-enforcement professionals that can help you find your GPS using their own GPS locator for laptops even when it does not have a security tag. Contact your local law enforcement officers for more information.

GPS locators for laptops can also be used in conjunction with GPS trackers for better results.

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