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GPS phone tracker online – Introduction

GPS phone trackers online use GPS systems. GPS uses satellite navigation and algorithm computation on an enabled device in order locate desired destinations on in-built map system. This can only happen when your GPS device receives clear signals from at least four GPS satellites in space, although people have been able to receive signals of places with many land features that cause signal bounce (e.g. forests, underground). Popular uses of GPS include trackers, locators, and finders, which can either be used through apps, specialized software or on an active browser.

GPS phone tracker online – Tracking

GPS Phone Tracker OnlineGPS trackers are not GPS navigators; they tell you where something has been, not where it is going. GPS phone trackers online are a good way for people to track devices that enable GPS, like cars and electronic devices. Whatever you are tracking needs to have something that allows for the attachment of a GPS tag or a RFID (radio-frequency identification) tag. Depending on your unit, the movement data history can be saved in the memory or transmitted elsewhere (via a radio, computer etc.) to be saved there instead.

GPS phone tracker online – Basics

Thanks to GPS, mobile tracking systems have allowed people to follow cell phone activity. A phone’s tracking system is based on a simple combination of algorithms, electronics and web-based satellite technology. Some phones even make use of radio waves to help receive signals from the network. Hence, should you want to make use of a GPS phone tracker online, your phone or tracking device (e.g. laptop, tablet) should have all these things:

  • Files or software systems containing maps of the location that you want to navigate in.
  • A good data plan that allows you to access the internet on your phone if there is no Wi-Fi access available
  • A device with an adequate processor (64GHz) and a considerable amount of memory (10GB in total)

It would also help if the phone that you are tracking has an in-built GPS receiver that has been activated. To properly track a phone, it needs to be turned on. It would also help if it had made at least one phone call, connection to the internet or had just sent a recent text message. These attributes indicate that at least one signal has been sent to a cell tower nearby. Using signals by multiple towers allows the tracker to locate where and when their phone was last used via triangulation.

You may have seen this being done on fictional crime television programs when the suspect is traced via a phone call through a traceable phone. In this sense, not everything they show is all fictional, and you should note that it is not highly important that the person is making an active call with someone or yourself in order to trace the call. This is only important if this person is very far away from you (at least 50km).

Online companies that provide this special service include IntelliTrac,, SpySat,, WebTRACE, Xexun and YellowBrick.

Use of a GPS finder/locator along with a GPS phone tracker online is highly recommended for maximum results. Online GPS  finder and locators help trackers locate where a phone has been, and where it has now ended up.

GPS phone tracker online – Uses

Online GPS phone trackers can be used to track a multitude of things/people:

  • Elderly loved ones with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and other mental disabilities.
  • Parents concerned about a teenager’s wild partying habits may track their phone for a lighter peace of mind.
  • Spouses who suspect that their partner is not being faithful.
  • Hikers and sailors adventuring into unknown, harsh or remote locations
  • Researchers who need to monitor the status and activity of many endangered species which have been tagged for studies.
  • Wandering or escapist pets
  • Public and private transportation operators who want to track the status/activity of their fleet.
  • Employers who want to track their vehicular uses and do up a fuel budget, improve their dispatch services, and monitor their employee activity.
  • Suspects not in custody, convicted criminals, parolees and those under house arrest.

GPS phone tracker online – Respecting rights

One must be cautious not to abuse these services for unlawful activity. The laws concerning GPS use differ from country to country, and are strictest in the US, where even law enforcement officers require search warrants signed by a judge in order to use GPS trackers. In certain states like California, you are not allowed to track someone without their consent. You as a user must be responsible enough to respect and know the rights of others and yourself when using a GPS phone tracker online.

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