free gps tracking software


Free GPS tracking software is becoming a common use for GPS technology. GPS navigates and plots on an in-built map system which has features like street names, numbers, and significant landmarks. Today, the GPS helps a whole lot of people all over the world find their way around it, making a lot of life’s adventure more interesting but safer.

What are Free GPS Tracking Software?

GPS trackers and GPS navigators are 2 different devices. Trackers tell you where something has gone, while navigators tell you where something is heading to. Online GPS trackers are a useful way for people to track devices that enable GPS. In order to be located, the tracked item needs to have a RFID (radio-frequency identification) tag/GPS tag.

Free GPS Tracking SoftwareFree GPS tracking software can be used to track a multitude of things/people, and even animals! Researchers who have tagged endangered animals and need to monitor their movement can now do so and save on their field budget on free GPS tracking software. Geo fencing, coupled with human tracking, can help legal authorities keep active tabs on wanted felons or ex-cons who are serving a parole sentence, or for moms to keep track of their kids after school hours. Map makers themselves frequently rely on GPS and GPS tracking, particularly when performing Geo-tagging, where location data and coordinates are attached to digital objects that could range from photographs to digital documents. GPS is also vital in land surveying, either for map-plotting or other reasons pertaining to geography. Lastly, airports and flight services use GPS to track and plot air-routes and air craft.

How to Use Free GPS Tracking Software

Before you even download the software, you should save yourself the hassle and check that your smartphone or laptop is suitable. It should have no less than 64 GHz of processing ability and a minimum of 1GB of memory. This is so that you have space to expand and update your maps from time to time.

Location data is pretty up to date and usually the details of the last known location of the traced device are sent to you every 10-30 seconds. All you need to do is download their software, configure it, and you are ready to start! These tracking services also work with smartphones and any mobile phone operator when you enable your GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) data transfer protocol. Look at your phone manual or call your local service provider for more information. These places will trace anything with a tracker, so as long as you know the serial number of the tracker or the phone number (if it’s a telephone).

Free GPS Tracking Software – Do You Really Need to Buy It?

Companies that provide free GPS tracking software  special service include Simtrac, WebTRACE, SpySat, GPS-Trace Orange, Wialon, IntelliTrac,, GPSTM, Gurtam,, and Xexun, which may also sell or sync up with specialised devices for this use. Most free GPS tracking software services come with receiving units and satellite and terrain maps either made by their company or piggybacks onto public maps like Google and Yahoo! Maps.

You should try using a GPS locator along with free GPS tracking software for the best results. Online GPS phone finders and locators help trackers locate where an item was, and where it is.

Some of these sites allow you to save tracking history within your account, which you can share with your close relations and friends, but not the entire (internet) world. Each account comes with a personal login username and secure pin accounts which you should keep secret. Most accounts allow you to erase your saved data as you go, and you should do this frequently. Do not sign up with free GPS tracking software services if they prompt for a lot of personal information (e.g. list of all your past and present addresses, bank account numbers, details about your family etc.).

While most of these free GPS tracking software services are modestly spyware and virus free, one must be wary not to abuse these services or use their services for unlawful gain. The laws concerning GPS technology differ from country to country. In the US, even officers of the law are bound by search warrants signed by a judge in order to use GPS trackers. In California, you are not allowed to track someone without their consent or knowledge. GPS technology has opened up avenues of use over the years, ranging from the mundane to those uses of grave importance. Above all however, the use of such technology must be governed by individual values and moral sense. One needs to be aware of the legal and moral boundaries in the use of a GPS phone tracker online.