Laptop GPS locators


Laptop GPS locators are becoming more and more important these days. Even though laptops have become very common and it seems as though almost every white-collar working person and student has one, the theft rate of laptops has not dropped much. In fact, the negative mentality that promotes this behaviour is: If it is so common, why buy one if you can steal one? Many people put a lot of confidential and business information, and hard work into their laptops. It’s not a wonder that a lot of laptops have both a monetary and emotional price. According to the FBI Security Institute, only 3% of the people who lose their laptops successfully retrieve them. Laptops are mostly at risk at airports, hotels and from within cars, but the largest risk comes from a moment of carelessness.

Although all laptops today have some basic ways of protecting your data through password protection, many users who lose their laptops would still prefer to have them returned if they could.

Laptop GPS locator – GPS Navigators and GPS Locators

Laptop GPS locatorsLaptop GPS locators are one of the most important uses of GPS on both a consumer and business level. GPS, or global positioning system, uses satellite navigation and computation of certain algorithms in order to pinpoint your location and destination and help you find your way there based on an in-built map system in your device. GPS locators on the other hand, receive active signals sent from RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) or GPS tags in order to find the item or person that has been tagged. GPS locators can be used to monitor anything tangible that moves (or is not supposed to), and sometimes can track property from even anywhere in the world, in anywhere in the world!  Most of these activate the moment your laptop connects to the internet via Wi-Fi, broadband or Bluetooth, although some more high-tech (and higher costing)

Advantages of Laptop GPS Locator

Laptop GPS locators  can automatically activate from a remote location, most of the time without the thief’s knowledge. You can then use this to your advantage to find out what time and where your property was tampered with, or even disable your laptop so that nobody else can use it until you get it back. This can occur when the thief connects to the internet, or as easily as when the moment the laptop is switches on. Law enforcement officers can then use the location information gathered to retrieve your laptop and arrest the thief.

Locate Laptop, GadgetTrak, Lassen, and MylaptopGPS are some specific laptop GPS locators, although you can search Garmin or Lok8u for generic locators. Paid (one-time or monthly) accounts provide more than just basic locating software. Paid accounts are usually better at keeping your location data private, and may also allow you to perform additional tasks like marking landmarks on the in-built map, and sending messages to the devices. Paid accounts may also allow you to actively log and save your location data, and may come with extra precautionary methods for securing your laptop and its data.

Some of these laptop GPS locators involve buying a physical tag that can be permanently fastened to your computer. Signals are registered to your account and the company that you bought it from, and a warning message will be sent to you should tampering occur. Some of these security companies can even install additional measures and take down additional information about your computer to make sure that your laptop is yours when you finally locate it. This is to warrant against the serial number being removed, which is what a lot of thieves do to disprove ownership.  The GPS tag does not only help you find your laptop should someone take it, but it also acts as a visual deterrent and a prior warning to thieves.

Locators which install software onto your computer vary from computer to computer. Unfortunately, the software from certain companies does not support Windows 7, Macintosh and Linux Operating systems, so do your homework and choose wisely.

Laptop GPS locators – More Security Measures

Today, complicated passwords are only just one lock on the gate to your personal information. Some of these companies that provide you with the laptop GPS locator may also provide you with multi-level encryption software that sends your computer into a full lock-down or system restore when you report that your laptop is stolen (e.g. FDE [Full disk encryption], RLS [Remote Laptop Security]) Some of the higher-tiered encryption software even have back-up plans that work against the decryption key should it fall into the wrong hands. Other methods include laptop locks and locking cables that fit into Kensington Security Slots. Laptop GPS locators can also be used in conjunction with laptop GPS trackers for better results.