Motorcycle GPS locators


Motorcycle GPS locator is one of the most common uses of GPS technology today. GPS uses a four-satellite navigation system overlaid on a map in order to lock on to your location and destination on an intuitive map system that is stored within. GPS locators are not the same as GPS navigators. GPS locators use satellite signals to lock on to an in-built or attached GPS or RFID (radio-frequency identification) tag.

Motorcycle GPS Locator – Software and Enhancements

Motorcycle GPS LocatorCompanies that provide motorcycle GPS locator include Bikebone, Guidepoint systems, Magellan Biking, Meitrack, Motorader, MotoTraq, Three X, Zoombak Universal. These devices may map out the routes using their own private software, or public map freeware like ACME Mapper, Google Maps, Google Earth, GPS Data Team, InstaMapper, MapPoint, MapQuest, MapTech, and Yahoo!Maps . Some Motorcycle GPS locators even allow you to locate your motorcycle using your smartphones (i.e.iPhone, Android, HTC, Blackberry, many of Nokia’s E- and N- series)

Sometimes some of these companies will also include other additional high-tech methods of helping you locate your bike. For example, Yamaha bikes now come with a ‘smart water’ system that helps to locate bikes. Other methods include: indelible ink, engraving, etching and micro-dots/datadots. Although many of these methods make your bike just a little different than every other bike when you eventually locate it with your motorcycle GPS locator, but it will definitely not prevent your bike from being stolen by an opportunistic thief.

Use of a GPS tracking device along with a motorcycle GPS locator is highly useful. GPS trackers help in the locating process, and also help to build evidence against whoever stole your bike.

Motorcycle GPS Locator –Protection from Motorcycle Theft

For a very long time car theft has been a very real and common problem. It can affect any owner of any brand of motorcycle, and it does not necessarily have to happen to new or expensive bikes, in questionable or suspicious areas. Still, the combination of parking an expensive or new in a suspicious or questionable area drastically increases its chance of it being stolen. In 2008, there were estimated to be at least 60,000 motorcycles stolen in the United States. Most stolen bikes were Honda bikes.

Some ways that thieves go about stealing motorcycles are:

  • Vehicle-jacking: which usually involves stealing the vehicle directly from under the owner’s nose, or taking it by force;
  • Opportunistic theft: Stealing the bike when the keys have absent-mindedly been left in the bike;
  • Fraudulent theft: stealing the vehicle from a dealer through false funds transfer;
  • Unattended vehicle theft (without the keys): stealing a parked vehicle through engine tampering, hotwiring or  towing

Motorcycle GPS Locator –Motorcycle Theft Prevention

Some ways to prevent your bike from being stolen:

  • If you are parking it in public, park it in a well-lit, conspicuous place, but not for long periods of time. It would be even better if it is in a place where security personnel can see it.
  • Secure the whole bike (not just the wheel) to something sturdy
  • Cover it with a waterproof, opaque sheet
  • If you live in an apartment, or someplace that does not have a garage or yard, you should secure it to something safe, or buy a bike lock (e.g. disc-brake, steering lock, u-lock, cable locks), especially if you are leaving it there for long periods of time.
  • If you do not live in an apartment and have a covered garage, park the bike inside your property. You should also install a steel eye to the floor and secure your bike to it for added security.
  • If you park your bike inside your covered garage, do not leave tools or heavy machinery lying around.
  • If you do not live in an apartment and do not have a covered garage, secure the bike to something safe or buy a bike lock.
  • If you are going to use a bike lock, make sure that the lock head does not reach the ground, or can rest against a flat hard surface. Thieves can use this surface to pound or tamper with the lock in order to break it.
  • If you are parking your bike in an area for more than a day, and are using a simple lock, you should try using more than one type lock. Although this seems like a bit of overkill, it will stump thieves who have limited tools or skills.
  • Buy anti-prying devices for your locks.
  • Advertise on your bike that you have security systems installed

GPS Locator helps you insure your bike against theft.

Prevention is better than cure. Although there are many other physical and structural ways that you can safeguard your car before the theft occurs, installing a motorcycle GPS locator in your own car can help you increase the chance of you finding your car if you ever lose it.