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GPS locators for children are one of the most popular and practical uses of GPS systems which, in turn use satellite navigation and algorithm computation in order locate picked endpoints plotted on the map interface in your device. Your GPS must receive clear satellite signals in order to work properly.

GPS Locator for Children – Locating Your Children Whereabouts

GPS locators for children are a good way for parents to remotely track their children. Whatever you are locating needs to have something that allows for the attachment of a GPS or RFID unit. Their movement history can also be saved in the memory of your receiver or your account.

Amber Alert, BrickHouse security, GlobalSatIMARDA, Intellitrac, IonKids, iTrail, Livewire, Loc8tor, Lok8u, Pocketfinder, Safety Turtle, Securatrak, Spark Nano and TrackStick are just some popular brands of GPS locators for children that you can find in the market. Many of these are waterproof, usually come with a period of warranty, are shock resistant and very small and portable. You can even attach some on a keychain if you are afraid of your young child losing a hand-held device. A lot of them have easily replaceable or rechargeable batteries with long life spans. Many of these brands come with GPS trackers, which also make remotely monitoring your child’s behaviour easier since combining the 2 methods results in more details, so you are not left wondering.

GPS Locator for Children – Common Uses of the Locators

GPS Locator for ChildrenGPS locators for children can be used to track both young children and teenagers. With so many responsibilities and two working parents, a lot of parents unfortunately cannot watch over their child all day. This may result in them leaving their children with their grandparents or a child-care centre. Nevertheless, a mother’s worry never ceases. Hence, GPS locator for children help give a little bit more peace of mind if a working mom can see that her child is still safe at daycare or with grandpa. It also helps parents who have to pick up their children or are letting their children play on their own in a busy playground. Having GPS locators for children would let the parents know whether their child has wandered off somewhere or, in unfortunate cases, is being led away by a stranger. It is better to know than to think you know.

Even though they are not ‘children’ per se, parents concerned about a teenager’s wild partying habits may give them GPS trackers for a lighter peace of mind. This may either be in the form of a key chain attached to their keys, or even the car keys it. Doing so also probably grants them more independence than before since you don’t need to be the nagging parent phoning in on their ‘fun time’. These can even be given to young daughters who go jogging so that their parents can see that they are taking safe routes. There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling that you could have done something when something goes wrong.

Many of these devices are very simple to use, and just require an attachment to a sturdy mounting point (e.g. keychains, backpacks, necklaces, shoelaces) and switch it on. When you need to locate it, most base units allow you to just press a button to try to find the signal, where the tracker emits a high frequency beep that cannot be heard by humans.

GPS Locator for Children – Features

A lot of these track the exact route, direction, altitude, climatic conditions (weather and temperature), stop time and sometimes speed of the tracked item/person. Some of these can even be set to track multiple children. The range of tracking that some of these devices can reach vary from about 300 – 600 ft (about 100 – 180m) outdoors and 200 – 300 ft (60 – 100m) indoors.

You can even set ‘geo-fences’ that send your receiver account or devices alarms when your child exits or enters a specific zone that you have pre-set.

GPS Locator for Children – Drawbacks

People should shop around and enquire about many different types of GPS locators for children respond to any or similar RF (Radio Frequency) signals. This may result in you locating the wrong item/person if an area has multiple trackers. Buy a base unit that can be calibrated to only respond to specific signals for maximum efficiency and minimum worry. Technology is not perfect, but has developed a lot of useful tools that are good enough for now; parents should not be negligent; GPS locators for children should not be a replacement for being cautious about the use of the tracked item/the location of the tracked person.