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GPS Tracking Device for Cars – GPS

GPS tracking devices for cars are one of the more common uses of GPS technology today involving the use of a four-satellite navigation system in order to lock on to your location and destination on an intuitive map system that is stored within a portable, size-friendly unit. Today, the GPS helps over a million civilians all over the world find their way around the world through both in-built systems in portable devices and online maps.

GPS Tracking Device for Cars – GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking Device for CarsGPS trackers and GPS navigators are different; navigators tell you where something is going to, where trackers tell you where something has been. These can work retrospectively or in real-time. Online GPS trackers are a useful way for people to down moving or moved objects and people. In order to be located, the tracked item/person needs to have a RFID (radio-frequency identification) tag/GPS tag on their body somewhere. Online GPS trackers are very popular, mobile and compact, and used by many people with smart phones who can easily download the apps (i.e. iPhone, HTC, Android, Blackberry, many of Nokia’s N- and E-series phones).

GPS Tracking Device for Cars – Uses

GPS tracking devices for cars and other vehicles have become very popular and well-used over the years in business, consumer and personal levels. This is especially for employers who want to track their vehicular uses and fuel mileages, improve their dispatch services, or just monitor their employee activity. GPS tracking devices for cars, often matched with GPS locators have saved money for managers who have had to tiresomely call their employees on the go, or have found that handwritten driver log books are not all that reliable. They have also helped improve in-home dispatch services by finding out which of their drivers out in the field are nearest to prospective customers.

GPS Tracking Device for Cars – Software

Companies that provide GPS tracking device for cars include Aquilla software, IntelliTrac,, SpySat,, WebTRACE, Xexun and YellowBrick, which may also sell or sync up with specialised devices for this use. These devices may map out the routes using their own private software, or public map freeware like Google Maps and Google Earth features, ACME Mapper, GPS Data Team, InstaMapper, MapPoint, MapQuest, MapTech, Nokia’s Ovi Maps, and Yahoo!Maps .

Using a GPS finding device with a GPS tracking device for cars is highly recommended for maximum results. Online GPS finder and locators help trackers locate where a GPS tracking device has been, and where it has eventually ended up.

GPS tracking devices for cars have developed an array of customizable software, allowing you to toggle the features on your device to your liking and needs. You can track your vehicle via an online monitoring system accessible via a computer, or even the smartphone in the palm of your hand. All you need to do is send out a signal to “connect” to the unit, and you will get an online reply or a simple text message.

Thanks to modernization, you not only can monitor the distance that the car has travelled, but other features of the car as well. These include the engine (e.g. whether it overheats, oil pressure), door locking and even the horn! The GPS tracker can even have a silent alarm that gets sent to the online monitoring system when the vehicle has been stationary for too long or goes out of a certain boundary. You can also set a ‘panic button’ on the tracking system, helpful if you are a carrier of valuable goods. You can also combine it with your existing alarm that will also contact you via the online monitoring system when the alarm gets set off.

On the online monitoring system, you can also set up a “geo-fence” on the map interface. This functions as an invisible electronic “fence” or boundary around a certain area (i.e. a house, a city or even a state). If the tracked car goes beyond the boundary, a message will be sent to your online system or phone. You can also set your device to alert you if the tracked car goes into an area where you geo-fence around. You can also tweak the settings to allow a particular amount of time that the car can be inside/outside the fence, and a message will be sent when the time spent exceeds the time that you set.

Truly GPS tracking devices for cars has transformed the way we lived our lives and do our businesses.