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GPS locator for cars are a common use of GPS technology today, requiring the involvement of a four-satellite navigation system in order to lock on to your location and destination on an intuitive map system that is stored within. Today, the GPS assists in the location of destinations, sites, and places for many people around the world through the use of both in-built systems in portable devices and online maps.

GPS Locator for Cars – GPS Tracking

GPS locator is useful for finding devices that emit a GPS signal, like electronic devices. It can be used to monitor people and vehicles, and property that either is on the move or has been taken maliciously. GPS locators help people by increasing their chances of their personal belongings being found in the incidence of theft. Should you require it, you can remotely or automatically activate GPS locators when your property moves or even gets touched. You can then use this to your advantage to find out what time and where your property was tampered with, or even disable the unit. Most of these locators can be activated remotely, where the locating process is as covert as possible. This can occur when the thief connects to the internet, or as easily as when the moment the laptop is switches on. The co-ordinates are then sent to the local authorities who will respond to the signal, retrieve the laptop and apprehend the thief.

The Uses of GPS Locator for Cars

GPS tracking devices for cars and other vehicles have become very popular and well-used over the years. This may be for employers who want to track their vehicular uses, improve their dispatch services, or just monitor their employee activity. GPS locator for cars, often matched with GPS locators have saved money for managers who have had to tiresomely call their employees on the go, or have found that handwritten driver log books are not all that reliable. They have also helped improve in-home dispatch services by finding out which of their drivers out in the field are nearest to prospective customers.

GPS tracking devices for cars can be used by consumers who have severely misplaced or towed vehicles, or are victims of grand theft auto. Businesses can also use these to monitor their assets, vehicle fleets, equipment statuses and location, and their employees to help improve their business. Moreover, the everyday man can now use the GPS to track the whereabouts of both his young and older children after school, or if he has loved ones with mental illnesses or elderly parents who are starting to develop memory loss.

Some GPS locator for cars have developed an array of customizable software, allowing you to toggle the features on your device to your liking. You can track your vehicle via an online monitoring system accessible via a smartphone or computer. All you need to do is send out a signal to “connect” to the unit, and you will get an online reply or even a text message.

GPS Locator for Cars – Car Theft

GPS Locator for CarsFor a very long time car theft has been a very common and real problem. It can affect any owner of any car, and it does not necessarily have to happen to new or expensive cars, in suspicious or questionable areas. Still, the combination of parking a new or expensive car in a suspicious or questionable area drastically increases its chance of it being stolen. In 2005, there were estimated to be at least 1.2 million stolen cars stolen in the United States.

Some methods that thieves implement to steal cars are:

  • Car-jacking: which usually involves stealing the vehicle directly from the owner via assault;
  • Opportunistic theft: Stealing the vehicle when the keys are in the car;
  • Fraudulent theft: a white-collar crime that involves stealing the vehicle through false fund transfer;
  • Unattended vehicle theft (without the keys): stealing the vehicle when it is parked, which is accomplished by hotwiring, tampering or towing to get the vehicle moving

Although there are many other physical and structural ways that you can safeguard your car before the theft occurs, installing a GPS locator for cars in your own car can help you increase the chance of you finding your car if you ever lose it.

GPS Locator for Cars – Software

Companies that provide GPS locator for cars include LightintheBox and Pocketfinder, which may also sell or sync up with specialised devices for this use. These devices may map out the routes using their own private software, or public map freeware like Google Maps and Google Earth features, ACME Mapper, GPS Data Team, InstaMapper, MapPoint, MapQuest, MapTech, Nokia’s Ovi Maps, and Yahoo!Maps .

A GPS tracker should also be considered in this process. GPS locator for cars used with an online GPS tracker where a car has been and this could even reveal significant evidence of the person who stole the car.