Online GPS Tracker


One of the more practical and quarrelsome uses of a GPS are online GPS tracking service. GPS trackers and GPS navigators are 2 similar devices that offer 2 different types of services: Navigators tell you where something is going to, trackers tell you where something has gone, hence online GPS tracking service are often used when people want a fast and cheap way to track devices that enable GPS. Such devices need to have a GPS tag or a RFID (radio-frequency identification) so that they can be tracked.

With a database of maps and important landmarks, these online GPS tracking services usually provide pretty up-to-date location data. Usually, the details of the last known location of the traced device are sent to you at a rapid rate of every 10-30 seconds. All you need to do is download their software, configure it, and you are ready to start! Some of these even work in-browser. These tracking services also work with smartphones and any mobile phone operator when you enable your GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) data transfer protocol. These places will trace anything with a tracker, so as long as you know the serial number of the tracker or the phone number (if it’s a telephone). These services may even sell you trackers if the device that you want to track does not have one. If you already have lost something, the services will usually try to help you anyway if you have the serial number of your electrical device

Benefits of Online GPS Tracking Service

Online GPS Tracking ServiceMost online GPS tracking services come with receiving services, and satellite and terrain maps either made by their company or one of the following map companies: GeoTrack 24, GPSed, Go-Track, GPS-Trace Orange and InstaMapper. Some of these online GPS tracking services can also be downloaded via free apps on smartphones like the iPhone, Android phones, Blackberry and the Nokia E-series and S-series.

Online GPS tracking services have a wide variety of advantages for businesses, consumers and the everyday man. Private and public transport owners can monitor the activity of their fleets via real-time tracking. Professional and non-professional athletes alike use GPS to make waypoints for running and cycling routes, checkpoints, and can even use GPS to gauge such data as distance, speed and overall average mileage. Escapist pets can also be easily relocated via a GPS transmitter around their collars.

If you want to make use of a online GPS tracking services, your phone or tracking device (e.g. laptop, tablet) should have at least a good data plan that allows you to access the internet if there is no Wi-Fi access available and a considerable amount of memory (at least 5GB).

Are there Any Drawbacks for Online GPS Tracking Service?

People should window shop around and try many different types of online GPS tracking service before using it for anything serious, since a lot of online GPS tracking service function via cell tower triangulation, which may or may not result in accurate results. Still, technology is still developing, and finding the best online GPS tracking service that suit your type of use will not be too long now.

Most online GPS tracking services are found online, and allow you to save data and history when you sign up with your account. Although you can also share some of this information with other people on social networking sites, you should never share your personal login username and secure pin accounts with strangers. Most accounts also allow you to expunge your saved data any time you want. Make sure that when you download online GPS tracking service software, that they have a decent track record and a good system that suits your needs, and keeps your information private and safe. You should make sure that they are accredited, and have been verified and certified by international standards. Do not blindly sign up with just any online GPS tracker if they prompt for a lot of private information in detail (e.g. list of all your past and present addresses, bank account numbers, details about your family etc.). Also make sure that when you purchase such sophisticated and sensitive software that there is a help and support number that you can call.

While most of these online GPS tracking services are extremely spyware and virus safe, one should not abuse these services for illegal tasks. GPS technology is kept safe by a number of laws all around the world. While they do differ from area to area, they are effective in ensuring that GPS technology is not wholly abused, and are strictest in North America. You must definitely be careful and respectful when using online GPS tracking services.