Online GPS Tracker


The GPS and GPS trackers online help over a million civilian people all over the world find their way to work, find lost items and manage their businesses. GPS utilises satellite navigation in order to calculate your location and destination using an in-built map system in your device. To work properly, your GPS must be able to receive clear signals from at least four GPS satellites in orbit.

 GPS Trackers Online – About

GPS trackers are different from GPS locator because they do not plan a route, but shows you a route that your tracked item has taken. GPS trackers online are a way for people to track devices that have a GPS tag or a RFID (radio-frequency identification) tag.

These devices may be covert, AVLS (automatic vehicle location services) or just mobile phone devices with in-built GPS. The famous American Automobile system, OnStar, also makes use of online GPS tracking systems.

GPS Trackers OnlineDepending on your tracking unit, the movement data history can be saved within the unit, or can be transmitted to a remote computer for storage using a radio, satellite or mobile device inside the unit. Some trackers that can store this kind and level of information are: data loggers, smartphones, data pullers and data pushers.

GPS Trackers Online – Uses

Online GPS tracker can be used to track a multitude of things/people:

  • Elderly loved ones with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and other mental disabilities.
  • Parents concerned about a teenager’s wild partying habits may track their phone for a lighter peace of mind.
  • Spouses who suspect that their partner is not being faithful.
  • Hikers and sailors adventuring into unknown, harsh or remote locations
  • Researchers who need to monitor the status and activity of many endangered species which have been tagged for studies.
  • Wandering or escapist pets
  • Suspects not in custody, convicted criminals, parolees and those under house arrest.
  • Public and private transportation operators who want to track the status/activity of their fleet.
  • Employers who want to track their vehicular uses and do up a fuel budget, improve their dispatch services, and monitor their employee activity.

GPS trackers online are used most often in businesses that operate with a fleet of vehicles, whether providing a particular technical service or function as a means of transport. GPS tracking has helped many companies to save money and petrol, and promote efficiency and productivity in terms of goods and service delivery.

Effort, time, and money can be saved on hand-written driver logs, which may or may not be a reliable report of activity anyway. GPS trackers online matched with GPS locators have saved money for managers who have had to tiresomely call their employees on the go to locate each and every one of them by conveniently putting them behind a computer screen which allows them to track every one of their employee vehicles simultaneously in one screen. They have also helped improve services by finding out which of their drivers out in the field are nearest to prospective customers.

Companies that provide GPS trackers online include IntelliTrac,, SpySat,, WebTRACE, Xexun and YellowBrick, which may also sell or sync up with specialised devices for this use. These devices may map out the routes using their own private software, or public map freeware like Google Maps and Google Earth features, ACME Mapper, GPS Data Team, InstaMapper, MapPoint, MapQuest, MapTech, Nokia’s Ovi Maps, and Yahoo!Maps .

GPS Trackers Online – Drawbacks

People should test the waters and try many different types of GPS trackers online before using it for anything serious, since a lot of GPS trackers online function by cell tower triangulation, which may or may not result in accurate results. Still, technology is still developing, and finding the best GPS trackers online that suit your type of use may be sooner than you think.

Use of a GPS finder/locator along with a GPS tracker online is highly recommended for maximum results. Online GPS phone finders and locators help trackers locate where a phone has been, and where it has now ended up. GPS trackers online matched with GPS locators online can also help companies monitor their vehicle fuel and driving mileage.

 GPS Trackers Online – Respecting Rights

GPS tracking should not result in unlawful abuse of GPS software. The laws concerning GPS use differ from country to country, and are the strictest in the US where even law enforcement officers require search warrants signed by a judge in order to use GPS trackers. In California, you are not allowed to track someone without their consent, even. You as a user must be responsible enough to respect and know the rights of others and yourself before using a GPS tracker online.