Online GPS


One of the more useful and highly talked-about uses of a GPS is free online GPS trackers. GPS uses satellite triangulation and algorithm computation in order to pinpoint your location and destination on an in-built map with legends and features.

Free online GPS trackers are a useful way for people to track devices that enable GPS, and tell you where they have gone. These can work retrospectively or in real-time. You will need to attach a GPS/RFID tag on the item/person if they do not already have a device with those features.

What are the Uses of Free Online GPS Tracker?

Free Online GPS TrackerFree online GPS trackers as smartphone apps are also very popular, and used by many people with smart phones (e.g. iPhone, Android, HTC, Blackberry, many of Nokia’s N- and E-series phones). These can be found for free in the app market, and come in a large variety. Users must take care to update their apps when prompted for the best results. Other companies that provide free GPS online trackers include Aquila systems, Wialon,  GPS-Trace Orange, SpySat, IntelliTrac,, Gurtam,, Simtrac, WebTRACE, Xexun and YellowBrick.

Most free online GPS trackers use terrain maps either made by their company or have access to public maps like GPS Data Team, Google Maps, MapQuest, MapTech, and Yahoo!Maps. Combining the free online GPS tracker with an online GPS locator will help you track your item better. These free online GPS trackers usually provide pretty up-to-date location data and usually the details of the last known location of the traced device are sent to you in less than a minute. Some accounts may ask you to pay to get a better service or a wider array of tracking options. Pay if you wish, but most free online GPS trackers do the job pretty well anyway if you know which one to pick. You can also try to find a good free online GPS locator if you want better results.

Drawbacks of Free Online GPS Tracker

GPS tracking online relies on cell tower triangulation, which varies with weather and the amount of use it is going through. This may or may not result in acceptable results. Many free services may also send you a lot of unnecessary promotional material that is going to clutter up your e-mail inbox, get diverted to your junk mail folder and confuse you when a real tracking alert is sent to you. By then, it may be too late if you need to know the results of the signal immediately. Some online GPS may also offer these services for a limited amount of time, but may later prompt you to sign up with them for a fee or they will limit or cancel the service.

Some of these sites allow you to save data and history as long as you have an account with them. You can share some of your locational data with other people on many of the popular social networking and photo sites (e.g. Facebook, Myspace, Google+, Flikr, Twitter, Picasa). However, you should be careful to never share your personal login username and secure pin accounts publicly. Most accounts allow you to erase your saved data any time you want as well. Make sure that when you download or buy free online GPS trackers software, that they have a good track record and a good system that suits your requirements, and keep your information private. You should make sure that it is up to international standards and has a considerable amount of security that protects you as its consumers. Do not just simply sign up with free online GPS trackers services if they ask for a lot of personal information (e.g. list of all your past and present addresses, bank account numbers, details about your family etc.).

While most of these free online GPS trackers services are entirely malware and worm free, one should not abuse these services for illegal operations. As GPS technology becomes more popular, more stringent and detailed legislation has been enacted to preserve it, and to prevent people from abusing it for malicious and/or harmful intent. While these laws and legislations are different across the world, they serve the same holistic purpose, and are strictest in the United States. It is important to note that while a GPS tracker does offer a new world of convenience, it must be used responsibly. Such technology can potentially infringe upon or breach the delicate freedom of privacy that all have the right to enjoy. Therefore, it is imperative that one practices the correct moral judgement in using a GPS phone tracker online.