Online GPS


Online GPS phone trackers make use of GPS to display locative information, relying on simple mathematical calculations and a satellite link. In order to function properly, your GPS must receive clear and strong signals from at least four active satellites around the Earth. GPS is commonly used in the locating and tracking of vehicles, persons and items, as well as the finding of a desired destination or area.

GPS trackers differ from GPS navigators in that they do not tell you where something is heading, but where it has been. Online GPS phone trackers are a good way for people to track devices that allow for GPS to be enabled, such as cars and other electronic devices. However, whatever you are tracking needs to have a GPS tag or an RFID (radio-frequency identification) tag. The search and request history of movement data can be saved onboard the unit or exported into external storage if necessary. 

The Basics of Online GPS Phone Tracker

Online GPS Phone TrackerMobile tracking systems have benefited from GPS, in that a user can now actively track movement and location data with ease. A phone’s tracking system is largely based on a simple combination of algorithms, electronics and web-based satellite technology. As before mentioned, GPS devices use a high level of technology and processing to pinpoint the location of a transmitting signal, regardless of whether it is moving or not. Hence, should you want to make use of an online GPS phone tracker, your phone or tracking device (e.g. laptop, tablet) should be well updated, has a fast and stable processor and is able to connect to the internet.

It would also help if the phone that you are tracking has an in-built GPS receiver that is active to track a phone down, the phone should not be turned off. It would help if it had has made or received an outgoing call, connected to the internet or had just sent a recent text message. Any of these activities assures us that the nearest cell tower needs to receive at least one signal. Using signal activity from multiple towers allows the tracker to locate where their phone was last used via triangulation.

Television entertainment and late night crime shows have given us inkling on how this technology may work. Truthfully speaking, not everything they show is all fictional, and you should note that it is not highly important that the person is making an active call with someone or yourself in order to trace the call. This is only important if this person is very far away from you (at least 50km).

Online companies that provide this special service include IntelliTrac,, SpySat,, WebTRACE, Xexun and YellowBrick. These devices may be covert, AVLS (automatic vehicle location services) or just mobile phone devices with in-built GPS.

An online GPS phone tracker is best used in accompaniment with a dedicated GPS unit, as this would yield the best performance for the user.

The Uses of Online GPS Phone Tracker

Online GPS phone trackers have helped people keep their household in order by helping parents with misbehaving or trouble-making children can relax with greater peace of mind by using GPS human tracking services. Coupled together with geo-fencing, this technology can also be used to keep a close eye on convicts, ex-cons, parolees and the like. Athletic trainers use GPS to plot running or cycling routes, gauge distance and even clock their eventual mileage. Online GPS phone trackers also allow individuals to keep a visual journal by allowing one to attach location data to anything from photos to a digital document.

Please be vigilant to the extent of your use in the employment of such online GPS services, as chances are, you may be following a person’s phone without his due acknowledgement or consent. The use of GPS technology today can be controversial. In order to stem the flow of abuse that such popular technology is prone to, unique laws have been written worldwide that help to regulate its’ use, but they are, nonetheless, strict. In most jurisdictions, even law enforcement officers are required to obtain a search warrant that has been approved and authorized by the appropriate judicial office in order to use trackers. In certain states like California, you are not allowed to track someone without their consent. Such technology is simple, as it is useful. However, you, as the user, must be responsible and aware of the possible moral and legal implications of the misuse of a GPS phone tracker online.