Online GPS


One of the more practical and controversial uses of a GPS is online GPS tracking systems. GPS uses a four-satellite navigation system and algorithm computation in order to pinpoint your location and destination on an in-built map system in your device. Today, the GPS helps over a million civilian people all over the world find their way to work, amenities and recreational destinations through both in-built systems in portable devices and online maps.

Online GPS Tracking System – GPS Tracking

GPS trackers and GPS navigators are 2 different devices. Trackers tell you where something has gone. Navigators tell you where something is going to. Online GPS trackers are a useful way for people to track devices that enable GPS. These can work retrospectively or in real-time. In order to be located, the tracked item needs to have a GPS tag or a RFID (radio-frequency identification) tag. Online GPS trackers are very popular, mobile and compact, and used by many people with smart phones (iPhone, Android, HTC, Blackberry, many of Nokia’s N- and E-series phones).

Companies that provide this GPS online tracker free special service include Aquila systems, GPS-Trace Orange, Gurtam, IntelliTrac,, SpySat,, WebTRACE, Wialon, Xexun and YellowBrick, which may also sell or sync up with specialised devices for this use.

Most online GPS tracking systems come with receiving services, and satellite and terrain maps either made by their company or one of the following map companies: Google Maps and Google Earth features, ACME Mapper, GPS Data Team, InstaMapper, MapPoint, MapQuest, MapTech, Nokia’s Ovi Maps, and Yahoo!Maps. Use of a GPS finder/locator along with a cell phone GPS tracker online is highly recommended for maximum results.

Online GPS Tracking SystemOnline GPS Tracking System – Uses

Online GPS tracking systems can be used for:

  • Business: fleet management, asset tracking, employee tracking, mobile phone tracking, trailer and container tracking, and equipment tracking
  • Consumer: stolen vehicles and electronic devises
  • Personal: tracking loved ones and pets.

Online GPS Tracking System – Software

Should you want to make use of an online GPS tracking system, your phone or tracking device (e.g. laptop, tablet) should have all the following:

  • Files or software systems containing the latest maps of the location that you want to navigate in, or at least access to an in-browser type map
  • A good data plan that allows you to access the internet if there is no Wi-Fi access available
  • A device with an adequate processor (64GHz) and a considerable amount of memory (10GB in total)

Efficient GPS trackers send location data every 15 to 30 seconds via GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) to the server that is accessible via your purchased software.

When buying software, some of the things that may be helpful to you or your company would be, but are not restricted to:

  • Real time tracking features
  • How long the journey took and how far did it go
  • If the vehicle was stationary, how long was it stationary for and where
  • A log of the driver hours and a location report
  • Other detailed reports information (e.g. whether the vehicle has been speeding, whether the device has been tampered with)
  • A report on the battery life of the device
  • An ability to replay the journey taken on an interactive map

The reports should be exportable as a document style form that can be opened by most computers, along with map legends (e.g. PDF, .doc, .xls, .txt. etc.).

Make sure that when you download or buy online GPS tracking system software, that they have a good track record and a good system that suits your requirements. If you are using this for a corporate or government system, you should make sure that it is accredited, and has been tested and certified by international standards. Also make sure that when you purchase such sophisticated software that there is a help and support number that you can call should there be any problems.

Online GPS Tracking System – The Right to Privacy

Some of these sites allow you to save a week to a month’s history within your account, which you can share with your close relations and friends. Each account comes with a personal login username and secure pin accounts which you should never share publicly. Most accounts allow you to erase your saved data any time you want as well.

While most of these online GPS tracking system services are 100% spyware and virus safe, one should not abuse these services for illegal operations. The laws concerning GPS use differ from country to country, and are strictest in the United States. You as a consumer of the online GPS tracking system must be responsible enough to respect and know the rights of others and yourself.